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A13 Series Carrier unlock

Samsung A13 Series Carrier unlock Service

Service Benefits:

  • Device Freedom: Use your Samsung device with any carrier of your choice, subject to carrier requirements. Say goodbye to carrier restrictions and enjoy the flexibility to switch networks as you desire.
  • Removal of Original Carrier Limitations: Unlocking your device removes the constraints imposed by your original carrier. Experience the true power of your Samsung  without any limitations.
  • Streamlined Experience: We automatically remove bloatware apps if possible, ensuring a clutter-free and optimized device that delivers the best performance.
  • Instant Unlock via Remote USB: Our convenient remote unlocking process allows you to unlock your Samsung device instantly using the provided app. Enjoy a seamless unlocking experience.
  • Simplicity for Everyone: Our service is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no prior technical experience. Simply plug in your device, follow the provided instructions, and unlock your Samsung device effortlessly.

Please Note:

  • Carrier Blacklist Removal: We do not remove carrier blacklist status. If your device is blacklisted, please refer to our IMEI repair section for further assistance.
  • MDM or Lease Device Restrictions: Our service does not remove Mobile Device Management (MDM) or lease-related device restrictions. For solutions regarding these issues, please explore the relevant sections on our website.
  • Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Locks: We do not remove Factory Reset Protection locks, including Google FRP or Samsung account locks. If you require FRP removal, please navigate to our dedicated FRP section for the appropriate solution.


  • Windows-based Computer: Please ensure you have a Windows-based computer available, as our service does not support Mac or Linux systems.
  • USB Data Cable: To establish a secure connection, you'll need a USB data cable. We recommend using an OEM cable for optimal results.
  • Stable Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable internet connection with a minimum of 8MB download and 2MB upload speeds. You can check your internet speed at

Preparation Steps before Unlocking:

  • Enable USB Debugging: Follow the instructions provided here to enable USB debugging on your Samsung device.
  • Remove Screenlock: If your device has a screen lock, please remove it prior to the unlocking process.
  • Provide Order ID: In the live chat, please provide your order ID. You can find it in your order history or by visiting here.
    Thank you for choosing our Samsung Remote IMEI Repair Service.

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